PM2 MyObjectives Learning Center

At MyObjectives online learning center learn how to build and use MyObjectives. Leverage online tutorials for do it yourself implementation or become certified as a implementation consultant.

Complete End of Game Review

During the Review phase teams can look back on a completed game period and determine what went right and wrong. Learn how to facilitate the Review stage.

Adapt MyObjectives

MyObjectives can be tailored so the software works best for your organization. We guide you through the steps of customizing the application.

Create Teams and Assign Players

Every scorecard or team within an organization has a scorecard owner (manager) and team players (employees). We explain how to create teams and assign players to them.

Create New Player Logins

Administrators are responsible for adding new players when they are recruited to join a team. This video covers all of the necessary steps for giving a new player access to MyObjectives.

Determining a Game Period

A game period is a measure of time in which your team has to accomplish objectives. Learn best practices for setting game periods and how to do it.

Earn Awards and Achievements

MyObjectives awards badges to players as milestones are met or thresholds crossed. Find your list of potential awards and achievements, and how to get them.

Track Progress Towards Goals

Get a view of the big picture: see how progress on your objectives affects company goals. This key information is in the Scorecard Goal Alignment report.