Rollup Scorecards and Subscribe to Objectives

Subscribe to an objective from another scorecard, and watch it update on your scorecard. A Rollup is when you have a “child” scorecard (a team that your scorecard is responsible for managing) updated and visible on your scorecard. Learn the steps for creating both a Subscription and a Rollup.

Assign Roles

Roles establish clarity when it comes to what work needs to be performed by individuals on your team. MyObjectives defaults to the RACI model (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) and this video shows how easy it is to assign roles on objectives.

Create Goals and Initiatives

Goals are “long-term” and take 3-5 years to accomplish. Initiatives are meant to take a little less time; 1-2 years perhaps. We explain the steps for creating goals and initiatives for your team.

Prioritize Objectives

Prioritizing objectives distinguishes between what needs to be accomplished and what would be good to get done. Learn our approach to prioritization and how to complete this step in the Setup process.

Draft Narrative Objectives

“Narrative” means that you will be focusing on objectives. Find out how to draft an objective when your account is in Narrative mode. Also, learn the difference between a good objective vs. a bad objective.

Draft OKRs

“OKR” stands for objectives and key results. Learn how to draft objectives and key results and the difference between a good OKR and a bad OKR.