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Teams have goals, but few experience goal achievement.
When you keep score, you achieve more.
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Keep Score. Grow More.

With MyObjectives helping you score progress on objectives, you have assurance the work being planned and undertaken is aligned to your growth goals.

Keep Score. Engage More.

People like to know their work matters. But they don't want to be judged. With the MyObjectives SMARTscore everyone knows how they're contributing, in a way that's fair to everyone.

Keep Score. Collaborate More.

The extra information MyObjectives tracks with your objectives and key results super-charges the team effort with role clarity, clear priorities, visual progress and a SMARTscore that focuses effort on the work that matters.

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This is what we’ve been doing for over a decade.

Putting theory into practice. Giving teams a score. Making their objectives visible, their key results measurable, and their roles clear. Together we’ve watched their scores climb and their goals get achieved. Now it’s your turn.

1 - 10 team members

lean teams
Whatever your objective is the key to growing your organization is sharing your goals with the people who are carrying them out. MyObjectives helps you help them help you.
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Small Business
11 - 50 team members

small business
Dozens of people working together is a wonderful thing. If you sense they're working like a four-way tug of war, add MyObjectives so your goals can become their objectives.
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Corporate Teams
51 - 250 team members

corporate teams
There's safety in numbers, as long as everyone is moving together. MyObjectives makes the work visible, stopping detours in their tracks.
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250+ team members

enterprise teams
Enterprises are made up of lean teams, small organizations and corporate structures, making it all the more crucial to ensure everyone is working in a coordinated fashion. MyObjectives, through goal alignment, cross-team roles, and absolute visibility gives your entire enterprise the best chance for repeating success cycles.
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