Introduction: Video Course

Actions Menus, Filter by Priority, Delete Objective

Most every column heading on the Objectives page has an action menu — a vertical set of three dots — that, when clicked on, lets you do a variety of things, from adding or removing whole columns, to filtering and sorting the contents of the Objectives page.

Sometimes there are special functions available, like resequencing the objective numbers, available from the column that shows the objective number. Also, each objective has its own action menu, to the left of its description.

Now, let’s take a look at how we would filter by priority using the actions menu in the Priority column heading.

Suppose you wanted to focus conversation on your priority 1 objectives. Just click the action menu in the Priority column, drop down and hover over the Filter menu item, click in the checkbox next to “1”, and then click the blue Filter button. Once a filter is applied, the dots of the action menu are surrounded by a blue rectangle, giving you a visual indicator that your view is filtered.

Each objective has an actions menu in the first column. When clicked, these menu items are made available to you. They can differ based on the type of objective this is, so at this point in our lesson we’ll just note that at the bottom of the action menu is the red “Delete” command.

When chosen, you are asked to confirm that you really want to delete the objective, and when you indicate you do, it is permanently deleted.

To finish up our introduction to the scorecard Objectives page, let’s briefly note that MyObjectives offers a number of different ways to view your objectives — each providing a different focus that can be very useful. These focus areas are topics for future lessons.

For now, let’s answer a quick quiz before we look at the Objectives page — which focuses us on a single objective, and all its many attributes.