Introduction: Video Course

Discuss Flags & Using Filters

A great thing about keeping objectives up-to-date with discuss flags, is the ability to filter by these flags.

For example, if in your team meeting you wanted to start by celebrating the team’s wins for the week, you could filter to only show the objectives marked green. Likewise, you could also start with the biggest concerns and filter by “alert” flags.

Alternatively, you could view only those objectives that are still on track, but facing some sort of obstacle, by filtering by “risk” flags. Of course, you also have the option to view multiple different discuss types at once, by using the multi-select checkboxes on the drop down for “discuss.”

Once you have made your selections, click “filter,” and the selected filters will be applied. This action is also easily-reversible. Simply open the “discuss” actions menu and select the last option on the dropdown: “Clear Discuss.”

While there are many features in MyObjectives, the “discuss” feature can be one of the most beneficial for keeping the team on the same page. This great in-app communication tool encourages team members to think critically about each objective and gives them the autonomy to raise alerts or celebrate wins.

In an example scenario, a team would update the scorecard objectives for which they are responsible, meet weekly to discuss the scorecard, the meeting facilitator or team leader would filter the objectives by “discuss flags,” and the team would then work together to decide on next steps for the flagged objectives.