Introduction: Video Course

Page Header & Status Widgets

Below the MyObjectives App Header is the Page Header. Like the App Header, the Page Header appears on every page of MyObjectives. The Page Header has three parts: The Page Title, the Team Menu, and the Period Menu.

The Team Menu drop-down allows you to select between various team scorecards in your organization. In our example, you can see the green department, the red department, and the yellow department with several teams underneath, as well as your special projects department.

To the right of the Team Menu drop-down, we will find the Period Menu drop-down. This menu allows you to view a history of any period that you and your organization have already completed, providing a record of all the work done, both past and current.

Below the MyObjectives App and Page Headers is the main page body, which holds six Status Widgets: Overview, Progress, Score Trends, Activity, Badges, and To Discuss. Use the six status widgets on the home page to see where you are at a glance.

The MyObjectives Overview Widget displays your team’s most important information in a convenient location on the homescreen. It contains the scorecard name, the owner of the scorecard, which phase your team is in – meaning: “Setup,” “Do,” or “Review” – how many days are remaining in your period, your SMARTscore, and you experience – meaning how many periods you have completed.

The Overview Widget also displays how many objectives are on the team card, how many setup badges have been earned, and which members are on the team.

The Progress Widget is a visual tool to help you understand progress toward completing objectives. It uses configurable bar graphs and pie charts to show team progress.

Score Trends offers a comparison showing progress graphs from previous quarters overlaid with the current quarter.

Activity shows the latest updates to comments, statuses, and objectives.

The Badges widget displays badges earned by your team in the current quarter.

And the To Discuss widget shows objectives that have been flagged as ‘to discuss’; usually high-priority items or those which require additional conversation.

Let’s switch gears now and take a look at a part of the MyObjectives service that guides you through the Setup phase in each of your periods or quarters.