Introduction: Video Course

Scoring: Actual vs Forecast, Team Scores, Showing Progress

Speaking of scores, MyObjectives uses two scores you will notice that appear on every page in the top right corner. We call this the SMARTscore. The SMARTscore is a combination of the Actual Scores and the Forecast Scores of all of the objectives on the scorecard, plus the math that makes it all work.

Digging deeper, we can examine how to track objective progress by understanding how to use these indicators. As your teams work through their objectives they will slowly move from 0: Planned, to 1: Started, 2: Partial Success, 3: Progress, 4: Bordering Success, and finally 5: Success.

On the Objectives Page, the “Actual” Column shows the current progress on the objective. Much like a traffic signal, the colored dots correspond to progress on the 0-5 scale. The “Forecast” Column shows the expected progress for the objective by the end of the period.

Let’s talk a little bit about team scores. The Team Score is an amalgamation of all the player scores on a team scorecard. It is automatically updated based on the sum of the points for all objectives.

“Actual” reflects total current work progress, while “forecast” describes the total expected score at the end of the period. When combined, they are your SMARTscore. On the Scorecard Page you will find the combined Actual vs Forecast Team Score (aka SMARTscore) at the top right corner of the page.

Now let’s look at how the scorecard shows progress. When users update an objective’s “actual status,” MyObjectives will automatically update the overall cumulative team SMARTscore. In this example, we can see two screens. The top screen shows the original state of the scorecard. The bottom screen shows the scorecard after we update the status.

In this example, the objective is: “increase revenue by 3% this quarter.” By comparing the two screens, we can see that by changing the objective’s progress from “3. Progress” to “5. Success,” the overall score increases by 47 points, from 47 to 94.