Introduction: Video Course

Section 1: Introducing Review Phase

Great work! You’ve made it to the final lesson of the Introduction course: Lesson 5: Evaluating Team Results.

Section One: Introducing Review phase. In this Lesson we’ll examine the Review phase.

First, let’s take a look at where the Review phase fits on our timeline. In our illustration the timeline depicts a period – in our example that period is one calendar quarter. Two weeks were spent in the Setup phase, ten weeks in the Do phase, and now that we’re at the end of the quarter, we’ll be spending about one week in the Review phase.

Note that the period ends before the Review phase begins – this is an important distinction because one cannot properly assess the progress of an objective in any given period until the period has completed.

Let’s look more closely at the timing of the Review phase and how it relates to the Setup of the next period.

As we saw on the timeline graphic, the Review phase begins after the previous period ends, allowing it to overlap the Setup phase of the following cycle. Since the purpose of the Review phase is to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and apply those reflections to Setup for the next period, this overlap is well-timed and intentional. Typically, the Review phase lasts about a week while the Setup phase of the following period will last about two weeks.

So, what actually happens in Review phase? Well, there are a few things you should expect during Review phase.

First, you will review your team’s results by checking the SMARTscore and examining the scorecards. Then you’ll want to analyze you and your team’s performance by drilling down into the key results and progress meters – did everybody hit their expected targets and perform well?

You’ll also want to identify if there were any lessons learned. What obstacles were presented, what went well, what didn’t go well, and what can you do different going forward?

And finally, because you are also in Setup for the next period, you evaluate the unfinished objectives on your scorecard to determine what steps are necessary to push them to completion in the period you’re now entering.

With those activities as the background for what you and your teams focus on in Review, let’s look at how MyObjectives supports these activities.