Introduction: Video Course

Section 1: Welcome to Do Phase

Welcome to lesson four of the MyObjectives Introduction Course. Having covered the Setup phase in our previous lessons, we will now move onto the “Do phase.”

In this lesson we’ll cover: the basics of Do phase, updating work progress, tools for managing work, managing changes to your plan, and sprinting to the Success Zone.

Let’s begin with some basics of Do phase.

As we have alluded to in previous lessons of this training, Do phase is the phase that immediately follows the setup phase. As a reminder, setup lasts for two weeks at the beginning of the period. In this example, the period duration is one quarter.

After setup is complete, the organization moves into Do phase. This phase lasts the duration of the quarter, generally about 10 weeks. Review phase, which we will discuss in subsequent lessons, immediately follows Do phase, and lasts about one week.

So, what’s changed now that we’ve moved into Do phase? Well, on the home page, in the overview widget, we can now see that the Do phase indicator has been turned on, as well as an updated team score. The idea here is that: you’ve finished setup, made progress on your objectives, and begun updating that progress on the objectives on your scorecard.

Throughout the Do phase you should direct your team to focus on the highest priority objectives. All objectives are important, but remember, the higher the priority, the more available points, and the quicker you can get to the Success Zone.

You should also encourage team members to update the status of their objectives at least once a week. That way, the score will accurately reflect progress, as you march your way to the Success Zone.