Introduction: Video Course

Section 2: Exploring the MyObjectives Home Page

All right, now that we’ve defined goals and objectives, broken down the elements of an objective, and looked at examples of both good and poor objectives, let’s jump into the MyObjectives interface, starting with the homepage.

The first thing you’ll see upon logging into MyObjectives is the Home Page. The Home Page displays a standard menu with your typical navigation options. It also shows the current user’s status and gives access to all embedded elements of MyObjectives.

The top of the MyObjectives Home Page contains the App Header and the Page Header. Below the main page contains six “status widgets” which we will discuss later on. The App header and Page header display on all pages. Status widgets only display on the homepage.

There are three sections in the app header. You have menus, personalization shortcuts, and your SMARTscore team scores. From left to right, the Personalization shortcuts include the search feature, the settings “gear” icon, the notifications icon, and your personal profile icon, which by default displays your initials. The SMARTscore shows your team’s progress toward completion of the overall list of objectives.

Let’s drill down into the App Header’s drop-down menus. The Scorecard Menu offers direct access to five options within MyObjectives: Objectives, Key Results, Wizard, Review, and Categories. The Tools Menu offers access to the Team page, Goals, Future Objectives, and Copy Objectives. It is also in this area that Plus! subscribers will have access to Initiatives and Measures.

The Reports Menu gives access to Activity, Goals, Scorecard, and Scorecard Comparison and will show your most recently used items. For Plus! subscribers, the Reports Menu will also offer access to Initiatives.

You can use personalization options to search and customize MyObjectives. On the right side of the App Header are the quick navigation magnifying glass, the settings gear icon, the notifications bell icon, your profile icon, and the SMARTscore block.

The MyObjectives SMARTscore is a key feature of MyObjectives, helping you to visualize how your team is doing. It is comprised of the current score, also referred to as actual score, and the projected score, also referred to as forecast score. As you complete objectives, the actual score will increase. The SMARTscore is visible on every page of MyObjectives, and other teams can see each teams’ score in the organization.

Clicking the quick navigation exposes a search box. Clicking the settings icon reveals a drop-down menu with “System Announcements”, “About MyObjectives”, and “Contact Us” options. Selecting the notifications icon opens a new tab in your browser with messages from your administrator or other users. Clicking your profile opens a drop-down menu with My Work, Preferences, Change Password, Change Profile Image, My Feedback, and Logout options.