Introduction: Video Course

Section 2: Updating Work Progress, Status & Discuss Flags

In this section, we will dive in a bit deeper into the actual process for updating an objective’s status, as work is done, and progress is made.

When editing any objective, the Objective page opens. And when you’re in Do phase, it defaults to the status section.

On the status section, there are four update options: You can update your “actual” progress, which changes the progress level. You can update your “forecast,” which will change the expectations for this objective. You can update the “discuss” field, which will call attention to a change on this objective. And you can update the “status” which allows you to leave comments.

To update your “actual” progress, click the dropdown arrow and select the progress level which most closely corresponds with your current level of completion. Do the same with your “forecast” progress, and select which level of completion you expect to be at on this objective at the end of the period. Please note that you will update your “actual” progress weekly, but you might only update the “forecast” progress a couple times a period.

To mark an objective for discussion, click the dropdown arrow on the “discuss” field and select which option best matches your intent for discussion. The three options are: green for progress, yellow for risk, and red for alert.

How you define these three terms is up to your organization, but we have found that many customers have success when using the green progress flag to call attention to a particularly noteworthy accomplishment, the yellow risk flag to call attention to an objective that is still on track but is running into some obstacles and may at some point become an issue, and the red flag to call attention to an objective that has in some way gone off the rails and the team needs to be alerted of it ASAP.

Finally, if you’d like to add a status to an objective, just click “add” and fill in your text update. Each status will be automatically date stamped.