Introduction: Video Course

Section 3: Navigating the Scorecard Wizard

What is a wizard? The wizard is our software assistant tool that helps users accomplish complex tasks. It does this by leading users through a series of defined steps, while keeping track of where users are in the process. We will use the Scorecard Wizard to create objectives.

To display the wizard start from the homepage, select the scorecard drop-down, and select the wizard option. The draft page will display by default.

Here you will see eight steps with links to pages along the left sidebar menu: Draft, Quality, Priorities, Alignment, Roles, Manager Review, Peer Review, and Completion.

As you complete each step in the wizard, the formerly gray badge on the left edge will turn colorful!

Let’s take a look at the layout of the draft page. The Number column displays the number assigned to the objective.

The Type column displays whether the objective is standard or linked to another team. Other types will be covered as they come up.

The Description field displays the text of the objective.

The Category field displays the assigned category of the objective.

You can sort the display of your objectives using the action menu to the right of each column name (three dots arranged in a vertical line). The same menu lets you choose which columns are displayed.

Before we go into depth on drafting and categorizing objectives, we have another quick quiz for you.