Introduction: Video Course

Section 3: Quick Navigation, Progress Widget, Notes

In this section we will work through some of the most useful tools for managing your work while in Do phase. Three of the most helpful and commonly used tools are: The quick navigation tool, the progress widget, and the notes tool.

The quick navigation can be found in the application header and is designed to help you quickly find and navigate through the pages of MyObjectives. The progress widget is displayed on the homepage and gives you an at-a-glance view of progress on objectives, by priority. The notes tool can be found on the objective page sidebar and is useful for adding custom, formatted notes to describe activity on objectives.

Let us look at how to access these three features and some use-case tips.

As we just mentioned, the quick navigation tool can be found on any page in MyObjectives on the application header. To use the quick navigation, click the magnifying glass icon and begin typing your search query into the blank search field. As you type, a list of suggested search results will display in a drop down.

If you see your intended result, you can select it, or you can finish typing your query and hit enter, to complete the search. This tool is very useful in quickly finding your intended page, even if you had forgotten the navigation path to reach it.

The second helpful tool is the progress widget, which is displayed on the right side of the homepage of MyObjectives and can be toggled to a full-screen view. This widget displays important information about objective progress, broken-out by priority.

The pie chart displays the distribution of the total objectives by progress stage. “Red: waiting” is a combination of objectives with status “planned” and “started.” Visually these are red circle objectives and red donut objectives. “Yellow: progress” is a combination of objectives with status “progress” and “partial success”.

Visually these are yellow donut objectives and yellow circle objectives. “Green: success” is a combination of objectives with status “bordering success” and “success.” Visually these are green donut objectives and green circle objectives. The bar chart “objective count by priority” is located beneath the pie chart. This chart graphically depicts the total number of objectives by priority and the progress status of objectives in each priority level.

The third helpful tool is the notes section on the objectives page. To access this page, navigate to the scorecard and click on the objective you wish to add notes to. From there, you will find the notes section on the left sidebar navigation, about 2/3rds of the way down.

Once you have clicked “notes,” you can add your text and format it to your desired specifications. Text formatting and paragraph formatting are available in the formatting toolbar.