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Section 3: OKRs & Three ways to access Objective Page

Section Three: Using the Objective Page.

Objectives in MyObjectives are rich with information that helps teams and organizations work in lock-step toward common goals. For various reasons Objectives and Key Results (also known by their acronym, OKRs) are enjoying a lot of popularity at present. In the decade that MyObjectives has been growing and maturing, we’ve added many additional attributes, resulting in what some call “OKR-plus.”

With all this richness, to edit an objective means grouping the various attributes together, which is shown on the left, in the blue block titled “Objective Page.”

You’ll recognize some of the groups as areas we worked on in the Wizard, like Roles and Quality. Some of the other groups help to define what the objective fundamentally is, while the remainder provide access to attributes not accessible elsewhere. We’ll look at each of these groupings in a bit.

With that as background, let’s learn about the three ways to access the Objective page.

The first way is to select the “Save and Edit” option when adding a new objective to the Objectives page. When you do this, MyObjectives redirects you to the Objective page.

The second way is to use the “Edit” item from the actions menu for the objective when you’re on the Objectives page. This menu option is primarily there to ensure users of MyObjectives who need the assistance of a screen reader have an easy-to-find Edit function.

And the third way to access the Objective page is to use the hyperlink that is the description of the Objective on the Objectives page.

These three ways to get to the Objective page should indicate to you the importance of the additional attributes made available this way. When you choose MyObjectives as your tool for bringing OKRs to your organization, you are getting so much more as a result of our decades of working with the OKR methodology.

So let’s take a look at what the objective page, and all these additional attributes, looks like.