Introduction: Video Course

Section 4: Drafting & Categorizing Objectives

Drafting and categorizing your objectives for a quarter is the start of a repeatable success cycle, so we’re going to give it some depth here.

Shown here are the three essential steps, but assigning objectives to a category causes your scorecard to become grouped around those categories, which we’ll see after we add a few objectives.

The “Add” drop-down menu button on the left side of the screen allows you to select the objective type. For this example, we will select “standard objective.”

A popup follows, where you enter and save the text for the objective. This returns you to the scorecard page, so you can select a category for the objective. To set a category for the newly created objective,

choose the appropriate category from the drop-down menu.

Once a category is assigned, the objective will automatically be moved to the selected category group.

This process of assigning a category is one of the key thought points where team members reach agreement on their work plan. It can go quickly, as you know your work, but don’t overlook the clarity earned by this step.

So, let’s wrap up this section with some conclusions about the scorecard wizard. Remember the pattern: The Objective part is what you want to achieve. The Key Result part is how you will measure when you are done.

In this example, “reduce environmental impact of financial operations” is the objective part, which defines what you want to achieve. “10% less paper waste by volume,” is the key result part, which defines how you will measure when you have reached success on this objective.

If you are deciding between using the scorecard wizard and the scorecard page, consider the following: The wizard works best when drafting, prioritizing, assigning roles, and aligning objectives to goals. It is a guide, and is streamline to make quicker work of the process by keeping you in particular mindsets, grouped by the attribute of objectives each step is concerned with.

The scorecard page is best for editing and deleting objectives. Over time you’ll move fluidly between the Wizard and the Scorecard as it benefits your purpose at that time.