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Section 5: Assigning Roles

Section 5: Assigning Roles. In this section we’ll talk about assigning team members roles on your objectives. Why?

Three reasons. Doing so helps communicate within and outside your team who will be working on any objective. It also ensures everyone knows their role on that objective. And it specifically defines who is accountable for the completion of that objective.

MyObjectives by default offers four roles adhering to the RACI model, where “R” stands for responsible, the person (or persons) accountable for that objective; “A” for approver, who decides if the objective is done; “C” for consulted, who has the subject knowledge relevant to the objective; and “I” for informed, who needs to know about the progress of this objective.

Now, let’s take a look at how this comes together on the MyObjectives scorecard wizard’s roles page. We’ll use this page to assign roles to each objective.

There are four role columns corresponding to the roles in the RACI model. To assign players to any objective, you click in the cell under the role and across from the objective, then you type the player’s name, which presents an autocomplete list that will populate with names in your organization that have been added to MyObjectives.

You can see for objective number two, we wanted to assign Jayla Williams as responsible. All you have to do is type in one to three letters, and it will auto-populate names for you to select from.

So now let’s talk about required roles versus optional roles. MyObjectives supports the best practice of ensuring someone carries the Big R (responsible) for each objective, since work likely won’t get accomplished if it isn’t assigned to anyone.

To reinforce the desired action here, we award your team a badge if all the objectives on this period’s scorecard have at least a responsible person assigned. You do have the option to then assign players as approver, consulted, or informed. You also have the option to assign multiple players to any role on an objective. But at a minimum, you need one player assigned as responsible to each objective.

Good job working through all of this scorecard wizard content! The last three steps in the wizard are the subject of the next lesson: Completing the Setup Phase. See you there!