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Section 5: Finishing Setup

Section 5: Finishing Setup. Now that we’ve finished writing our objectives, and we’ve prioritized them and aligned them to our goals, what’s the next step? Final scorecard review and preparation of the completion steps before we can cleanly enter the Do phase.

Since our interest is to finish the planning of the Setup phase, we can visually see our Setup progress by heading over to the Wizard and paying attention to which badges have been awarded.

Wizard steps that have been completed have the small icon next to them in full color, steps that aren’t yet completed are still grayed out. You can see that we have three more steps to get through for our Wizard to be complete!

At the end of Setup we recommend that users review their objectives with their manager, to ensure the support for the work planned is there, and so the manager can help with goal alignment.

This sixth step in the Wizard isn’t very complicated: Just a place for the date of the review to be noted, and a Meeting Notes area where you might record adjustments requested, or the strong praise given for thorough planning with just a bit of stretch!

The seventh step in the Wizard is to review your team’s scorecard with your peers — those teams at the same level of your organization — to avoid duplication of effort, coordinate resources, and generally agree how to help each other out.

Like the manager review, there’s a place to record the date you all got together to look over each other’s scorecards and a place to make any notes about what you might have changed on your scorecard, or how you all have agreed to work together.

Lastly, we get to signal to our site administrator that this scorecard, this team, has completed Setup and is ready to be focused on execution.

The Completion step in the Wizard documents this the same way as the previous two steps: A date that you’re complete, and a Notes area to record anything you need for future reference, as it relates to being complete.

Congratulations! Not only have you worked through the Wizard, you’ve set yourself up with your first repeating success cycle, moving your organization closer to having everyone focused on SMART work and having more fun with it than ever before!

Next up is Lesson 4, which is all about the “Do” phase — it’s where you put all this great planning into action.