Introduction: Video Course

Section 5: On to the Next Cycle

Section 5: On to the Next Cycle. With Review phase finished, we’ll examine what’s left to do in MyObjectives. The closeout of the period, what happens next, and gearing up for Setup in the following period.

Closeout: System Administrator Tasks. This action is only performed by your MyObjectives System Administrator, but it’s important you know that it happens. When the period ends, your MyObjectives administrator will officially close the Review phase and activate the next period’s Setup phase.

Note: At close of Review phase, MyObjectives will set progress indicators of Forecast to match Actual for all objectives. For example, if you had an actual progress indicator of “partial success,” and your forecast was set to “full success,” once your system administrator closes Review phase it will then automatically downgrade the forecast to meet your actual.

Let’s talk Closeout. What can you do? To complete Review phase you can view your Badges report. This shows you a list of the badges you have earned during this now closing period.

You can also begin to add new objectives to the next period’s scorecard, based on the results of your review. If you learned any lessons from the prior period’s objectives, here is where you would apply those lessons while crafting new objectives.

We mentioned badges – where do we view them?

To view the badges report, select the Reports drop down in the menu bar at the top of the page. Then navigate down to Scorecard, and from that menu, select Badges. You will then see a pop-up window where you can view your badges report.

On the Badges Page you will see any badges earned along with a brief description of the badge and the date in which your team earned it.

Now let’s talk about how to add objectives to your next period’s scorecard. First, you’re going to want to switch periods from current to next. You do this from the period drop down in the Page Header of MyObjectives.

If your System Administrator has not yet created the upcoming period, your current period will be the topmost item in the menu, so you should make a polite request to have the upcoming period set up. Once you have transitioned to the upcoming period you can begin adding objectives.

As we learned in back in Lesson 1 of this course, you can draft objectives using the Wizard. Or, as we learned in Lesson 3 of this course, you can also add objectives while on the Objectives page. Either approach works, with each supporting a different mindset.

We’d suggest doing as much in the Wizard as possible, since it rewards you with badges which encourages you to follow the steps that will better ensure a work plan you will be successful with.

Congratulate yourself on having completed the MyObjectives Introduction course. We hope you now understand not only how to operate MyObjectives to gain repeatable success, but much of the Why that underlines the steps, organization and tools.

Your learning can continue with our Intermediate and Advanced courses. MyObjectives has decades of design, research and continuous improvement behind it.

We have hinted at some of that depth, but in the interest of getting you into the Success Zone quickly, we’ve focused on the overview and next layer of the how and why.