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Section 5: Sprinting to the Success Zone

In our last section of this lesson we will talk about sprinting to the Success Zone.

This “sprint period” is a special time in the last two weeks of the quarter, when teams are nearing the Success Zone, but may need a little extra push to wrap up their objectives and cross the finish line.

During this time, teams should shift their focus to completing the remaining level highest priority objectives, as these have the highest outstanding points.

Next, we’ll go over three tips for sprinting to the Success Zone.

The first tip is to filter by priority, so that you can view the remaining unfinished objectives with the highest priority. To do this, navigate to the scorecard page and click the “priorities action menu.”

At the bottom of the drop down you will see a “filter option.” When you click the expand arrow, you will see checkboxes for priority. Select, one, many, or all priorities, and then hit “filter.”

The resulting view will show you only those objectives with the priorities you selected. This helps ensure you haven’t overlooked a high priority objective in your race to the finish.

Another way to maximize your efforts during the sprint period, is to utilize the “score impact view.” The score impact view allows you to see the remaining points for all objectives on your scorecard, and sort by those remaining points.

This is the quickest way to see which objectives have the most remaining points, so that you can focus your efforts there.

To access this view, navigate to the scorecard page and on the upper navigation bar, next to the blue “add” drop down, you will see a second drop down that is defaulted to “standard view.”

Click the drop down and you can quickly select “score impact view.” The page will then automatically sort the objectives in descending order by points remaining. Go after these objectives first to earn those final, crucial points.

One final feature that may be helpful during the sprint period, is the ability to export the scorecard to excel or PDF. This will allow you to create an editable export to share with the stakeholders who have requested the information.

To export your scorecard, navigate to the scorecard page, and in the upper navigation bar, near the end, you will see an “export” drop down. Click this and select either “to Excel” or “to PDF” to complete your export. You now have a file to perform your own custom analytics or reports on, as you see fit.

Use one, two, or all three of these methods to finish your quarter off strong and catapult your team into the Success Zone!