Introduction: Video Course

Setup Phase, Do Phase, Review Phase & Timeline

In the first two Lessons in this course we were using the Wizard to setup our scorecard in a balanced manner, where our objectives were defined, categorized, evaluated, prioritized, aligned to goals, and assigned to team members.

In the last section of this lesson we will finish the Wizard by reviewing our nearly final score cards with managers and peer teams to make sure that everyone’s on the same page and has a chance to connect their work plans as appropriate to remove duplication of effort and otherwise help each other out. But we’ll come back to that in a few minutes, after we complete our discussion of the three phases.

The bulk of MyObjectives players’ time will be spent in the Do Phase, which is the phase we’re focused on in this Lesson. This is when players will perform the actual work on objectives and track their progress throughout the period.

MyObjectives will reward this behavior by awarding badges and advancing the SMARTscore as work on objectives progresses. Throughout the Do phase, teams are aiming for their scorecard’s SMARTscore to reach the “Success Zone” — a predefined range of actual score from 700 points to 800 points.

Also throughout the Do phase, teams are lowering the forecast on objectives where it looks like they won’t make it to full success on this or that objective. MyObjectives encourages teams to plan for success — that is, the full 1000 points all scorecards start at — but then recognize that things happen during the course of a quarter or period to make it not possible to complete all the work and still be “successful.”

The reasons not all the planned work met full success is why we have the Review phase. In the Review phase, you reflect on team accomplishments throughout the previous period. You also assess your progress towards the organization-wide goals.

And lastly, you review any lessons learned, and make sure to apply those to future objectives and future periods or quarters.

The Review phase is the subject of Lesson 5.

Here is our Setup-Do-Review timeline that we first saw in the Overview course. Though not layered into a repeating success cycle diagram, recall that the Review phase overlaps the Setup phase, indicating that your lessons learned in your previous period inform the plan you’re setting up for this period.

And since this lesson is about completing the Setup phase, we’ve positioned our “You Are Here” arrows almost to the edge of the Setup section.

We offer you a quick quiz to assess your understanding before stepping away from the comfort and safety of the Wizard to the Objectives page, where the focus shifts from planning to execution.