Introduction: Video Course

What’s Changed in Review Phase?

On this screenshot we are seeing an example of the MyObjectives Home page during the Review phase. We can tell this team is in Review phase because in the “Overview” widget on the left, the phase indicator is now highlighting “Review.”

Note that below the phase indicator, the Team Score of “795” is highlighted green. This is because the Crimson Team managed to reach the Success Zone – also positively indicated by the all-green SMARTscore block at the top right of the screen.

While the Overview widget summarizes the performance of the team, we’ll need to look at our scorecard for lessons learned.

Some goalposts are always moving, so even as your team transitions into Review phase your objectives will remain editable. However, it is important to note that once your organization has shifted into Review phase, any modification to an objective will result in all team members with a role being notified of the changes.

We’ll spend more time on notifications and how they work in our Intermediate training course. For now, just know that if you make any edits during the Review phase, those with a role will be notified.

MyObjectives offers convenient tools for users as they begin Review phase. Ideally team members will have gotten into the habit of using the “Notes” tab on the left sidebar of each Objective’s page to add reminders of what the team encountered on each objective – this will help jog your memory as you move into review.

An example of this would be establishing that an objective was not well defined in Setup phase, or perhaps calling out an objective that required too many changes during the period.

You can also use the Notes page to hone your skills in crafting how objectives are written – making them – or simply use notes to add reminders of how the task was performed.

Notes are not required for Review phase, but they are an incredibly helpful part of the process as it can be difficult to remember details of every objective at the end of a period.

Okay: time for a helpful tip about changing those objectives during Review phase…
Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should. We recommend as a best practice that users do not change or otherwise alter objectives during Review phase.

As previously mentioned, notifications are sent to everyone involved with the objectives. It also changes the landscape of objectives from the previous setup, which is often referenced during setup in the following period. And it permanently alters the historical record of the tasks from that period.

At least during Review phase, try to leave objectives unchanged so you know what you did during the previous period’s Setup phase and can continue to improve from one period to the next.

And though we’ll cover this in our Intermediate course, the better practice is to Copy unfinished objectives forward from this period to the next, altering the description then as appropriate.

Ok. Now that we’ve introduced you to the Review phase, let’s take a quick quiz to recap what we’ve learned.