Overview: Video Course

Overview: Video Course

Reason #1 Why Organizations Use MyObjectives

One of the core advantages of using MyObjectives is having users get in the habit of establishing repeating success cycles.

Such cycles establish a regular expectation of success. They create predictability, allowing teams to better estimate their capacity. And they allow teams to stretch a little, while knowing they can still succeed. Understanding capacity and being able to predict capabilities plays a large role in building confidence, which can affect goal achievement.

Let’s explore the repeating success cycle a little deeper. Users of MyObjectives go through what’s called Setup, Do and Review Phases. When shown on a time graph, repeating success cycles look like this. Setup generally takes about two weeks. That’s where you’re planning the work you’re going to accomplish during the period.

Then there’s the Do phase, which takes up the majority of your time. And then, at the end, you take a little bit of time to review what went well, and what can be done better.

You notice that the review cycle overlaps the next Setup cycle. This allows you to be planning the next period as you’re reviewing and learning about what went well or what needs improvement from the previous period. We will explain Setup – Do – Review in greater detail in a moment. For now, understand that Setup – Do – Review is a key component of the repeating success cycle that makes MyObjectives such an effective tool.