Overview: Video Course

Overview: Video Course

Reason #2 Why Organizations Use MyObjectives

So that was the first reason that organizations use MyObjectives: To set their work into repeating success cycles.

When your team members have a say in the work they’re going to do it brings more depth and relevance to the objectives. Also, giving team members a say in what they work on supports more engagement in the outcomes. When that work is aligned to the organizational goals it expands their buy-in to those goals. The beauty of this is that engaged employees are invested in the mission and will be more passionate and protective toward your team’s goals.

Now that we understand what team engagement means, let’s see how it looks in MyObjectives. The scorecard has many attributes that help a team to deepen their meaning and their understanding of objectives. Here, you can see how objectives can be categorized so that various objectives are grouped together, providing visual relevance and a sense of scope or completeness to the coverage being planned for work in that category.

When teams participate in defining the objectives and work together, thinking through the additional attributes that MyObjectives makes available, they have more buy-in and are more engaged during the Do phase, precisely because this is their work plan.