Overview: Video Course

Overview: Video Course

What’s Different About Do Phase

In a previous overview section we discussed the Setup phase.

In that phase objectives are drafted, assured of their quality, categorized, balanced, aligned, and assigned people to roles. Once this is been done across your team and all teams are ready to proceed, your system administrator will move the enterprise into Do phase.

Let’s talk about what’s different in the Do phase. Typically, everyone will actively be working on the highest priority objectives. Throughout the period they’ll be updating their progress with status notes, and the goal is to drive your score up into the Success Zone by the end of the period.

In this picture of the Success Zone that green bar running across the graph represents the team having achieved an actual score of between 700 and 800 points. We will be talking more about this in greater detail in future lessons.

In Do phase you begin working on your objectives. And this is why setting priorities during Setup is so important: It empowers team members to arrange their daily work with an understanding of which objectives are most important.

Actively working on the highest priority objectives shifts the focus from setting up the work to completing it. It also keeps everyone engaged in what is most important. It does give team members latitude to choose their work while knowing the priorities of what must be done.