Overview: Video Course

Overview: Video Course

SMARTscore into the Success Zone

In this screenshot we depict that the team has changed the actual progress and they have written an updated status message to accompany it. Let’s examine what making updates to the actual progress of an objective does to the SMARTscore.

In this screen shot note the actual progress was changed from Progress (a solid yellow circle) to Success (a solid green circle). See the change to the team’s SMARTscore at the top of the page? It increased by 54 points from 56 to 110 points.

Also notice that this did not affect the forecast score which remained at 1000 points.

The Success Zone is the goal for teams at the end of each period. It sits between 700 and 800 points and encourages healthy, sustainable success over the long-term.

MyObjectives does not, as a best practice, set the Success Zone range all the way up to one thousand points, to leave room for unforeseen events and unplanned work. What we know is that at the start of the period, everyone plans for the best. What normally happens, though, is not perfect. Scores between 800 and 1000 are actually considered to mean that the team did not plan enough work for the period — they’re not pushing themselves to achieve a little bit more each quarter.

In this screen shot we’re showing that this team’s Scorecard is in the Success Zone because you can see their Actual score (the green arrow on the left) shows 767 points – right in the middle of the 700-800 point range. To the right is their Forecast score… which matched the 767 Actual points – that’s typically the situation you find yourself in at the end of a period, because work that isn’t going to be completed should have been forecasted down and have explanatory comments put in the status of the objective.