Overview: Video Course

Overview: Video Course

Documenting & Learning from Challenges

When the team meets to reflect on what went well, MyObjectives supports them with the Review page where the accomplishments can be documented.

Undoubtedly some things didn’t go well, so it’s time for the team to revisit the challenges to analyze the root causes of what went wrong to see if there were any misunderstandings or assumptions that weren’t valid. All of this reduces the likelihood of repeating these mistakes.

In this screenshot we are showing an example of an objective that did not reach success. There’s a status message of why that wasn’t possible. In this case the approver was unavailable, and since getting approval was part of the definition of the objective, it can’t be claimed as having reached full success.

Since it’s common for challenges to arise during the course of work, MyObjectives also has a place where you can document the challenges that your team faced. The beauty of this process is that the self-examination finds ways to improve for the next cycle. This helps create a culture of excelling that results in better Setup skills, better planning. This positions the team to push past their perceived limitations.

Let’s take a moment to examine how to mitigate the dependencies that can cause an objective to not be marked as success. In the example we’ve been using, for the objective to reach success requires getting approval from the CEO. That creates a resource dependency. This team encountered the CEO traveling and was unable to approve the draft. Having experienced this sort of dependency will allow the teams to evaluate future objectives and how they’re written for potential dependencies and include mitigations.

Once again MyObjectives supports this as a practice. In the Review tool there is a page where you can write up the plans for how you are going to mitigate the kind of things you learned during the Review phase.

So go ahead and take our little quiz to ensure that you have your knowledge base set.