Overview: Video Course

Overview: Video Course

Recap: What MyObjectives Brings to Your Organization

Let’s wrap this up with section 5 about how MyObjectives changes your work.

Three of the things you can expect to see in your organization – because of using the MyObjectives methodology – are:

  1. It will bring structure and focus to your work activities,
  2. Engaging in Setup-Do-Review will improve the scale and capacity of your teams, and
  3. It helps marshal the organization’s resources to take on big challenges.

The beauty of this structure and the focus it brings to your work activities is that it makes it so everyone at all levels knows how to plan their work. It creates a cadence and rhythm that teams can sync with, and it improves your ability to predict what teams can commit to and deliver.

Let’s take a look at how our team might view MyObjectives. Lia, Leo and Jayla are on the Crimson team. The Crimson team reports, “At first our team had difficulty writing objectives with measurable outcomes. Now we’re used to it, so ‘Setup, Do, Review’ is pretty natural. Looking back, what we like most is knowing what we have to do and where we’re at.”

Amber team’s manager Melinda West noted, “My team likes to create new ways to reach prospective customers. MyObjectives helps me stay in touch with what the team is doing. The team likes how objectives tie to company goals — they’re helping to scale the business.”

And at the executive level Alex Wilson, CEO, said, “We’re in for major growth at Things R Us in the next year. Having MyObjectives helps us stay organized and focused as we grow. After just one quarter, I’m seeing signs we will make the shift — And have fun doing it.”

You may recall that the third reason organizations use MyObjectives is to scale capacity and marshal their resources. What does it mean to improve and scale the capacity of your teams?

First, it encourages creativity and innovation in order to become even more productive. Second, it makes it fun to be part of making the organization grow. And thirdly, it brings goals formerly unreachable into range.

And marshaling the organizations resources to take on big challenges means: First, the organization can set and achieve wildly imaginative goals. It fosters satisfaction at being a part of a growing organization. And third it supports the mindset of engaging together to achieve whatever the organization wants to do.