Every league has their rankings. MyObjectives is no different. Every team earns a place on the leaderboard. Unlike truly competitive sports, the MyObjectives leaderboard exists to build excitement, not lead to title games and display win-loss ratios. Progress on your team's objectives is self-evaluated, so the only thing standing between your current ranking and the top slot is the progress you have yet to record on your objectives. Our leaderboard shows the teams with the top four scores, plus the team whose scorecard you are presently viewing. You can customize your leaderboard coverage to show only the teams you are interested in, maybe due to a little good-natured in-office rivalry or for functional clarity as you focus in on some piece of information truly relevant to a subset of your teams. The leaderboard also gives a special indication to a team or teams who consistently record progress totaling an actual score that exceeds the recommended achievement score range, also known as the Success Zone... that green bar going across the mid-high of our progress graphs. Your site administrator can enable a feature we call the Success Zone Consistency Algorithm.