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Keep Score. Grow Smoothly.

Lean teams and small organizations share an urgent need for every member to be working together toward common goals. If five people make up a team, or a small business, each one carries 20% of the load. MyObjectives helps ensure 100% from 5 turns in 100% from the team.
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Your Words Explain. SMARTscore Delivers.

Every member of a lean team or a small business needs to know where they are trying to end up, who is working on what aspect of the journey, and what progress is being made. In MyObjectives, written goals drive written objectives.  Objectives are prioritized, assigned to people, and may communicate expected key results.  SMARTscore assesses each objective’s score impact. Collectively the team focuses on these objectives to drive their score up.
It’s what they agreed on.  It is the work that matters.
Its result is smooth growth.

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Trust is easier when goals, objectives and expected results are clearly defined.

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Engaged people are involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work.

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Teams with high engagement have a 21% increase in productivity.

“In 15 minutes of working with MyObjectives we had teams set up to deal with 15 objectives, all ranked in order of importance and categorized into perspectives such as "Financial," "Customer," and "Learning & Growth." I highly recommend this product for companies looking for an easy, engaging, and yes, FUN way to share and track the progress of their goals in a meaningful way.”
John Conner | Business Development Manager , Phoenix Vapor Cafe
Why Pick MyObjectives?

Organizations start small. Teams do too. Organizations grow when the teams succeed. Develop your teams, and your organization, with a tool designed expressly for smooth growth.

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