Price Explanations


“We’re like a free-for-all!”

— Me, describing the organization I oversee. Circa today

We have good news for you who feel your organization is operating in free-for-all mode: Not only can MyObjectives help, but it’s free for all. ┬áSure, there’s MyObjectives with extra features that will accelerate your ability to grow, to scale, to achieve. But we invite you to get started with our free version — we’ve worked very hard to ensure the essence of our approach to goal achievement is fully available to you: objectives and key results, priorities, our innovative and unique SMARTscore, with perspectives from the Balanced Score Card, S.M.A.R.T. criteria, discussion flags, and much much more. Once you’re comfortable with how MyObjectives works in your organization, review the information below to decide if subscribing to MyObjectives will accelerate your growth, better engage your employees, and take your objectives and key results to the next level.  (Hint: It will!)

Let us help you decide which will meet your needs