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Welcome to the MyObjectives Learning Hub

MyObjectives Learning Hub

This self-paced learning program has been expertly curated by our team of specialists to help new users learn how to maximize the capabilities of the MyObjectives software.

The curriculum has been divided into four courses. You are welcome to enroll and start at the beginning or use the curriculum as a knowledge base and search below for the module that best fits your needs.


Overview Course: Welcome to MyObjectives
MyObjectives Overview Course
In this course students will learn:

  • Why organizations use MyObjectives
  • What happens in Setup phase
  • What’s different about Do phase
  • What you learn from Review phase
  • How MyObjectives changes work

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Introduction Course: Fundamentals
MyObjectives Introduction Course: The Fundamentals
In this course students will learn:

  • How to draft objectives
  • How to organize the scorecard
  • How to complete the Setup phase
  • How to play the scorecard game
  • How to evaluate team results

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Intermediate Course: Skills Practice
MyObjectives Intermediate Course: Skills Practice“ srcset=
Coming Summer 2019!


Advanced Course: Mastery
MyObjectives Advanced Course: Mastery“ srcset=
Coming Fall 2019!




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