Corporate Teams

Banish the 4-way Tug-of-War

You have a pretty sizable organization. Let's get all their efforts focused on your goals by ensuring that everyone aligns their objectives to your goals. The results can be dramatic when your whole organization is moving together, reinforcing each others' work.
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Maximize Team Effort

Organizations using MyObjectives enjoy teams that are aligned in purpose, aware of all teams’ work plans, and kept aware of progress on those work plans. At the start of each period, each team works through a sophisticated eight-step wizard to build their scorecard, crafting their work plan for the period. In the final steps of the wizard they review their plan with their manager and their peers to uncover and eliminate duplication of effort and identify plans they can offer support for.

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Team Work Plan

Teams craft a scorecard of around 13 to 25 objectives and key results. They prioritize each one and align them to your goals. They evaluate them using the SMART principles. They decide who is responsible for each versus who is consulted, informed, etc.

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Cross-Team Agreement

Teams look over other teams' scorecards, looking to eliminate duplication, find areas of overlapping support, and coordinate their timelines and roles. By linking to other teams' objectives, they intertwine their SMARTscore.

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The Results

Everyone is more engaged because there is agreement on the work to be undertaken, each team member knows their role, they know what to focus on by priority, and they see how their contribution matters to the team through the SMARTscore.

“The SMARTscore in MyObjectives gives every member of the organization a simple — but powerful — way to know how they're doing.”
Shoshanah Bain | Architect , MyObjectives
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