Keep Score. Work SMART

Good things happen when everyone is on the same page with their objectives linked to top-level goals.
How it Works

Real-Time Scorecards Super-Charge Success

Open communication

Features like “alerts” and “updates” draw attention to risks or to kudos that are due to team members.

Emphasis on results

Measuring and scoring progress on objectives keeps everyone focused on the right things. Real-time scores communicate progress within the team, to stakeholders and to leadership.

Eliminate Surprises

The app displays each team’s expected score for the game period (usually a quarterly cycle). Forecast changes are instantly communicated to leadership, eliminating late-game surprises.

Work SMART. Unleash Business Growth.

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Don’t believe us? Here’s the Proof

Studies, consultants, businesses. They all validate the approach and effect of MyObjectives. Dig into it right here.

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