Achieve What Matters Most

Track your Goals. Score your Progress. Achieve Great Things.

Our basic version of MyObjectives for organizations that are ready to get started.

Free Features:

  • Drafting objectives that you align to your goals
  • Prioritize and assign roles
  • SMARTscore focuses you on work that matters
  • Link objectives between teams
  • 12 months of history
  • Automatic enrollment in our training
  • Email and phone support
  • No ads
As your experience with MyObjectives grows, you'll appreciate deeper tools and easier ways to do complex things.

All the Free Features Plus:

  • Pool multiple objectives into one
  • Automate progress recording
  • Adapt many system parameters
  • Use Initiatives for longer projects
  • Additional attributes of Objectives
  • Deeper reports
  • Link two or more companies (coming soon)
    Plus! Pricing Tiers
    Tier Users Price
    Tier 1 1-10 $100/mo.
    Tier 2 11-50 $450/mo.
    Tier 3 51-250 $2,000/mo.

Leaders who want results use MyObjectives

We created MyObjectives because we knew that everyone has goals, but few are successful in achieving them.
Our way is to give every organization a platform to do just that, with no fees and no credit card required.
Common Questions
What is the charge for the Plus! features?
For Tier 1 (1-10 users), the Plus! subscription fee is US$100/month. For Tier 2 (11 to 50 users), the Plus! subscription fee is US$450 USD/month. For Tier 3 (51-250 users), the Plus! subscription fee is US$2000/month.
Is there a discount for an annual subscription?
To hold true to our belief that free subscriptions are most valuable when they are free of entanglements, we have chosen to not offer an annual subscription so you always have the option to cancel at any time.
Is the free subscription slower, broken, full of ads?
No, no, and no! We believe our best chance to show you the value of the MyObjectives Way is to put our best foot forward, with the free subscription being the same full implementation of MyObjectives we started with over a decade ago. Of course, back then it was a spreadsheet, not an online tool accessible from anywhere, by anyone. In fact, one of our criteria for deciding that a feature should be a Plus! feature was whether or not it would confuse newcomers.
Can we try out the Plus! features?
Yes, please do! There is a "Try Plus!" button available to anyone with administrative privileges. All that your administrator needs to do is click a gold lock icon, agree to the terms, and press "Okay" and we instantly enable the Plus! features for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days we just revert to free features, without deleting anything you used during your Plus! trial. That way, should you decide to upgrade your subscription, you haven't lost anything.
Do we need to pay for all our users at the outset?
No. Our pricing model is described in the first question above, but you can add more users at any time and they'll be included in the price charged for the next month. We also allow you to make a user inactive at any time, but that, too, affects your billing amount at the end of the month.
Still have questions? Contact us to learn more.