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Goal Alignment Writ Large

Every team, department, division working toward the same visible goals, sharing their plans and progress: Maximum collaboration, enterprise results.
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Aligning Effort to Strategic Plans

Leadership has set forth a vision and a mission. Throughout your organization, work should be planned so that your goals are achieved. MyObjectives makes this possible by supporting the planning effort with a discipline of aligning work to your goals, and giving you a window into how your enterprise is planning to achieve that vision and enact that mission.
With you measuring what matters, your organization will be working on what matters.

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Start Small

Start a pilot, horizontally with your leadership team, or vertically with a director's organization. Give yourself three quarters, supporting the process as your team learns the MyObjectives way.

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Branch Out

As you begin to see visible progress, add neighboring teams. As they see your success, they'll be eager to join in.

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Repeating Success Cycles build growth and results fast. Everyone is learning what it looks like to have an entire enterprise moving forward in lockstep — support their excitement; reward their journey.

“When we agreed on this objective we said how we'd measure it as complete, but now we should decide what will move it from Bordering Success to Success.”
Team Member | Line Manager , Fortune 1000 Company
Will It Work For Anyone?

Everyone has goals. They’re just hard to share. On a repeating cycle (the business quarter) MyObjectives makes it easy for teams to align their near-term work to your long-range goals.

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