Release History

MyObjectives 3.2 release thumb  December 12th, 2019

release-new-green-thumb Actual and Forecast Progress Scale:  We have improved the scale of Planned to Success by adding a 75% score option.  We also have ensured the “%” is displayed when you hover over the icon.

release-new-green-thumb Actual and Forecast Progress Icons: We have updated the choices of icons for you to use. You may continue with the default (which is also updated) or go to your Preferences Menu and choose other styles.

release-new-green-thumb Tasks, formerly known as Key Results: By popular demand, we have updated our terminology to Tasks (under Objectives) to relate to how better to use this part of the tool.

release-new-green-thumb Measures has it’s own section in Objective Edit page: To allow you ease of use of this tool, it now has its own tab on the Edit menu.

release-new-green-thumb Sign-up process streamlined.

release-new-green-thumb Customizable Dashboard: you can now move around the order and display of each of the tiles on your Dashboard. More choices to come in the next release!.

release-fixed-orange-thumb Several small bugs and background formatting.

release-3.1-thumb-blue  March 27th, 2019

release-new-green-thumb Objectives by Goal Report! Shows objectives by period, grouped by goal.

release-fixed-orange-thumb Calendar popup displayed improperly, has been re-aligned.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.

release-3.0-thumb-blue  February 27th, 2019

release-new-green-thumb  UI:  Completely redesigned to increase efficiency, adopting latest interface standards & toolsets. Key Results overhaul.

release-new-green-thumb  Focused on ALL needs; now offering increased contrast & standard approaches for assistive technologies.

release-new-green-thumb  The creation of MyObjectives Academy. Now users can take courses on how to use the software right here on!

release-new-green-thumb  Pricing Models: base subscription of MyObjectives now becomes free (with 12 months of look-back history included), upgraded plans move to Plus! – reduced pricing for Plus! subscribers (5x the users at 2x the price over 2.0 product).

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.

release-2.4-thumb-blue  September 15th, 2017

release-new-green-thumb  Premium pricing model: 5 times the goal achievement, just $50 a month. Additional teams just $25 per month.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.


release-2.3-thumb-blue  June 23rd, 2017

release-new-green-thumb  Added capability to summarize individual objectives.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Bug fixes: Refined button action during browser window resize/addressed responsive behavior.


release-2.2-thumb-blue  May 5th, 2017

release-new-green-thumb  Added ‘Effort’ attribute allowing users to guesstimate how much work an objective or key result is required to take.

release-new-green-thumb  All aspects of an objective can now be edited from the ‘Edit’ link.

release-new-green-thumb  Added a Weekly Summary Report which emails each user/stakeholder as designated by the master administrator.

release-new-green-thumb  Built out the reporting capability by creating a link in the reporting menu which takes users to a page where all reports are listed.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.


release-2.1-thumb-blue  February 24th, 2017

release-new-green-thumb  Users can now tag objectives with keywords to sort and filter objectives.

release-new-green-thumb  Added ability to put start and end dates on objectives.

release-new-green-thumb  New report directory added.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.


release-2.0-thumb-blue  June 22nd, 2016

release-new-green-thumb  MyObjectives 2.0 launches to now support International users with language support in Spanish, German, Italian, and UK English.

release-new-green-thumb  Players now have better scorecard functionality, real-time dashboards which show team progress, and the addition of compelling images that drive engagement.

release-new-green-thumb  A new messaging platform allows real-time communication between teams working on the same project. Players can message other players too, and teams can now integrate data into MyObjectives from other systems such as Google Analytics.

release-new-green-thumb  Added “Quick Navigation” feature allows users to navigate anywhere within MyObjectives.

release-new-green-thumb  Actions and Reports dropdown menus have been streamlined.

release-new-green-thumb  Users can now edit & delete objectives while in the ‘Do’ phase, with notifications being sent to all players related to that objective.

release-new-green-thumb  MyObjectives now automatically saves a user’s custom view.

release-new-green-thumb  Player features: Added visibility to objectives on Scorecard and ‘My Work’ pages & editing options within objectives.

release-new-green-thumb  Scorecard features: Now easier access to functionalities within objectives. Added ‘Actions’ link to objectives: Propose to another team; Convert to a Goal, Initiative, or Task; and Send a Message to another team member.

release-new-green-thumb  Objectives features: Users can now add tasks to objectives, objectives are now assigned ID numbers.

release-new-green-thumb  Notifications features: Notification system implemented, users can send messages to other players. Notifications for edits on objectives will only be sent during ‘Do’ and ‘Review’ phases.

release-new-green-thumb  Role assignment has been redesigned based on customer feedback. Administrative users now have ability to set player’s account to inactive.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.


release-1.1-thumb-blue  November 24th, 2015

release-new-green-thumb  New simplified header streamlines user experience into two categories, ‘Actions’ and ‘Reporting.’  Additionally, users can now access their profile preferences through the profile avatar.

release-new-green-thumb  Attachments: Added capability for users to attach documents to an objective while editing status.

release-new-green-thumb  Converting Objectives: Users can now convert an existing objective on the scorecard to a Goal or Task under ‘Actions.’

release-new-green-thumb  View Priority Distribution Page: After moving into the ‘Do’ phase, users can view the priority distribution of objectives on their team’s scorecard.

release-new-green-thumb  Improved Scoring:  Teams are awarded points after moving the status of a project of an objective to “1. Started.”

release-new-green-thumb  Adding Links: Users can add any website link to an objective using the ‘Edit’ option on each objective.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.


release-1.0-thumb-blue  July 1st, 2015

release-new-green-thumb  Alliance Enterprises is proud to announce the first Software as a Service (SaaS) application to bring Goal Management to Teams.

release-fixed-orange-thumb  Minor bug fixes.